Friday, June 14, 2024

Why Tai Chi ?

Why Tai Chi?

Tai Chi has enhanced my life tremendously
and I believe it can do the same for you.

Combining exploration and expression,
I believe Tai Chi literally embodies
the spirit and joy of life
while providing enhanced awareness
of the laws and rhythms of our universe.

Are you ready for a change?
Interested in moving towards better health
and less stress while also having fun?

Why not make a virtue out of the necessity
for regular exercise and stress management?

The first steps await. It’s up to you.

The heart of Tai Chi is harmony.
Each morning, you could experience tuning in to the energy of the day
as you harmonize your body, breath and heart/mind
via the slow, smooth playing of the meditative Tai Chi form.

It is part of being human to love to learn, to explore and to express ourselves.
Tai Chi provides a well-tested and proven method
to do all these while promoting wholeness and wellness.

In the short run, folks play Tai Chi
because it is fun, challenging and intriguing.

In the long run, your first priority is your health.
Without it, you can do little or nothing. 

Your health’s first priority is your breathing.
Without it, you have only a minute or two.

Tai Chi’s priorities for correct breathing
are for it to be long, slow, quiet and observed.

The chief technique of Tai Chi
is to nurture the heart/mind and the breath
together in the tan t’ien (energy field, center).

Tai Chi provides a well-tested, beneficial and fun practice,
a way of increasing our understanding
of the world around us and within us
and a proven mechanism for meaningful change.

Tai Chi is primarily a mental practice.
Athletic prowess is not required. 

The heart of Tai Chi is harmony 
and harmony with nature is your birthright.

Now is the time. Tai Chi is the way.                              703-759-9141

Photo: Bee and Zinnia Flower
Photo by Warren D. Conner, copyright 2019, all rights reserved.