Tai Chi Retreat 2023

Our 27th annual

“Return to the Mountain” Tai Chi Retreat

will be held June 1 to 4, 2023

(Thursday afternoon to Sunday after lunch),

at the Claymont Mansion near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

If you would like to receive an emailed notice

when details and registration

for Retreat 2023 are available,

please email wdconner@gmail.com.


Your first view of the Claymont mansion

The Tai Chi Chuan Study Center


presents its twenty-seventh annual

“Return to the Mountain”

Tai Chi Retreat

One Qi, Spirit Leads,

Breathing Circles, Martial Foundation

Retreat 2023
will be held
June 1 – 4, 2023

(Thursday afternoon to Sunday after lunch)

Fully Vaccinated Only.
You must show your Vax Card upon arrival.
Masks will be optional.
Everyone will do a Home Covid Test
on Thursday morning before coming to retreat.

Open to all levels.
There will be special classes for beginners.

The mansion’s grand porch, southern view

The Claymont Mansion

Residing on 340 beautiful acres of Shenandoah Valley forest and farmland, Claymont Mansion was constructed following a design of George Washington by his grand-nephew Bushrod in 1820. (Bushrod’s older brother inherited Mt. Vernon.) Claymont is the only home of the original Washington family in which guests can stay overnight. We will have exclusive use of this stately, colonial style mansion which is currently undergoing careful restoration. Featuring large lawns, quiet woods and tempting, tranquil paths, it offers a serene setting for our Tai Chi practice as well as for leisurely contemplation and lots of laidback relaxation.

Meals featuring fresh vegetables and delicious salads will be prepared in the mansion’s kitchen by the Claymont staff and served in the elegant wood-paneled dining room. Food will be primarily, but not exclusively, vegetarian (i.e., there will be a salmon course for Sat. lunch).

Accommodations in the mansion are genuinely historic, somewhat rustic and comfortable. There will be shared rooms and baths, separated by gender. There are a very few double rooms for couples. Rooms will be assigned. Beds within a room are first come, first served.

Bed linens and towels will be provided. Bring your own toiletries.

While not modern, Claymont is charming and historic.

Mansion Space Is Limited.     Please Register Promptly.

Claymont’s front foyer (Ballroom entrance is at upper right)  

Retreat includes nine meals, three overnights
and approx. twelve hours of formal classes.

This retreat offers a great deal of Tai Chi instruction
including form, qi gong, t’ui shou, ta lu, history and theory, etc.

Tai Chi classes are held in the mansion’s ballroom, on the huge porch and on the lawn under the trees.

Plus, we have fun in a beautiful setting!

Please do not bring any work materials and/or work equipment.
Allow yourself to take a break from all that.

There will also be a large amount of free time to encourage everyone to unwind and enjoy the beautiful setting. There are no recreation facilities other than the lawns, gardens, paths, and acres and acres of countryside. Be prepared to enjoy a great deal of quiet nature.

Claymont Court is not a hotel. Therefore, students should bring their own toiletries. Also, you might bring: walking shoes; Frisbees; games, a book to read, etc.

Please note that no cameras or recordings of any kind are allowed during classes and practices.

To enhance the group energy,
all students will please plan to arrive on time and to attend the entire time.

Claymont’s new security protocol now includes a driveway gate
which they wish to lock as early as possible.

Students are responsible for their own transportation.
Carpools are encouraged.
Claymont Mansion is an easy drive from the Washington area and easy to find.

Head instructor Warren Conner has taught Tai Chi since 1975.

If you would like to receive an emailed notice

when details and registration

for Retreat 2023 are available,

please email wdconner@gmail.com.


wdconner@gmail.com                             703-759-9141


All Photos by W. Conner

Photo at top: Dogwood blossoms, Great Falls, Virginia