Friday, June 14, 2024

Tai Chi Principles

The Tai Chi Principles

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” ¬†Francis Bacon

The Tai Chi principles are the distilled wisdom of hundreds of years of direct experience (and careful preservation and transmission). Manifesting the principles in the physical form is the beginning step of learning to apply the principles in your daily life and this is where meaningful change will occur. The principles are a direct connection to the laws of nature and to the harmony with nature that is your birthright.

Relax and Sink

First, relax your neck and shoulders and bend your knees.

Next, relax your chest and abdomen and sink your breath.

Then, relax (calm) your heart/mind and sink it with your breath to your center.


Spine Upright and Open

(aka Suspend from Above)

Maintain verticality as if suspended from above.

Open means relaxed and not twisted.


The Center Leads

You literally turn your waist to initiate physical movement.

Also, Qi Xin Dan Tien, i.e., center your energy/breath and your heart/mind.

Center aka Dan Tien (Energy Cultivation Field)¬†and Ch’i Hai (Energy Ocean).


Differentiate Yin and Yang

(aka Separate the Weight)

Sinking down on one leg at a time, AOL: Always One Leg.


Wrists Relaxedly Straight

(aka Mei Ren Shou, Beautiful Lady’s Hand)

Keep your wrists and hands straight and relaxed.


Practice all the principles at the same time

Initially, practice with emphasis on one principle

and gradually add the others

until you are doing your best to manifest them all.

Try to incorporate the principles into your daily life,

for meaningful change. For example, “Toothbrush Tai Chi” and “Seatbelt Tai Chi”.