Winter 2022 Classes

Slow, but sure

Our next, new term will begin
the week of January 16, 2022,
with in person classes
in Arlington, VA, Great Falls, VA and Chevy Chase, MD.
(You must be masked and fully vaccinated to attend),

Please Read All Below

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Class levels:


Includes those who are brand new

and those still memorizing the “first third”,

(i.e., the Beginners’ Set, i.e., Postures 1 to 17),

as well as those who are reviewing this foundational material.

Each term will begin with the very first, basic material.


Those who have memorized the Beginner Set

and are now working on the Intermediate section of the form

(i.e., the latter two thirds) and those who are reviewing this material.


Those who have memorized the entire, physical form,

i.e., “the alphabet”, and are now ready to explore further

with new awarenesses and mental concentrations.

(Instructor’s permission required for Refinements.)

Class Schedule Winter 2022

(All Times are Eastern Time)

Classes are approximately 55 minutes

Sundays, Twelve weeks, begins January 16

Chevy Chase   taught by Lorie Nierenberg

Chevy Chase Athletic Club, Barlow Bldg. penthouse,
5454 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, Maryland   20815

1:00 p.m.        Beginners

2:00 p.m.        Intermediates

Also Sundays, Twelve weeks, begins January 16

Great Falls    taught by Warren Conner

Great Falls Ballet Studio,
9911 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, Virginia   22066

5:00 p.m.      Beginners         Note New Times !

6:00 p.m.      Intermediates


Mondays, Twelve weeks, begins January 17

Arlington      taught by Warren Conner

St Peters Episcopal Parish Hall,
4250 N Glebe Rd., Arlington, Virginia   22207

7:00 p.m.      Beginners

8:00 p.m.      Intermediates

Tuesdays, Twelve weeks, begins January 18

By permission only.

7 pm       Refinements

8 pm       Sensing Centers

 All Students Read All Below!

Terms and Conditions

By registering for these classes,
you are agreeing that you have read and agree to
the terms and conditions and the waiver found just below.

No recordings of any kind are allowed.

These classes will teach the Cheng Man-ch’ing form of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.
Please see our lineage page.

Tai Chi is gentle and easy to learn at the beginning level,
with patience, as it follows a progressive, physical choreography
underlaid with deep breathing and energy awareness (qi gong).
It is an art, challenging and intriguing
in a well proven, fun and fascinating format.

Be prudent.
Check with your doctor
if you have any concerns
about this gentle exercise. And/or, call us.


By participating in these classes,
you hereby affirm that you are fully vaccinated
and you agree to release and hold harmless
The T’ai Chi Ch’uan Study Center, Ltd. and the instructors
and the class location from any liability for any injury or harm
that might result from your attendance and/or participation.


Register Now for Winter 2022

A Free Introduction to Tai Chi for First Timers
is held in person and outdoors
and is available on some Saturday mornings in McLean, Virginia.
You must be fully vaccinated to attend.
Call 703-759-9141 for details and directions.


Private lesson rate

Turtle Den Dojo

$99 for 30 minutes

via Paypal

Call to arrange:    703-759-9141


Thank you!                             703-759-9141



Photo: Mudflap, male Eastern Box Turtle, about 55 years old.
Box turtles are so named because they are the only turtle
able to enclose itself completely for protection.
Photo by Warren D. Conner, copyright, 2020, all rights reserved.