Tai Chi Onsite Workshop?

Interested in an onsite workshop for your office or group?

We have offered Tai Chi workshops

in the Washington area since 1975

for most of the local hospitals and universities

as well as for numerous government agencies,

private businesses, local groups, etc.

Workshop participants will learn the opening movements

of the Tai Chi form and the essential Tai Chi principles.

Plus there will be an introduction to Tai Chi theory and history.

Two breathing exercises (qi gong) will be taught.

Emphasis  will be on relaxation, stress management

and the importance of correct breathing and posture.

The beginning movements are gentle, self-paced

and available to almost everyone

(i.e., perfect health is not required).

Office clothes are fine and no accoutrements are required.

We would need only a quiet, open space

such as a conference room.

Fees for an onsite, one hour workshop range from

$490 for the senior instructor (Lineage)

to $390 for an experienced instructor.

This covers up to 20 participants

and assumes no excessive travel.

No cameras or recorders of any kind

are allowed during the workshop.

All photos and/or recordings

must be approved in advance by the instructor.

For additional information,

please contact  Warren at



Thank you!