Class Levels

Tai Chi Class Levels

Beginner class is open to all.

Intermediate class is open to those
who have memorized the Beginner’s set.

Refinements class is for those
who have memorized the whole form,
manifested an understanding of the Tai Chi principles,
demonstrated a firm commitment to their practice
and have the instructor’s permission.

T’ui Shou (push hands, aka sensing hands and
perhaps more accurately called sensing centers,)
is for those who are concurrently enrolled in Refinements
and have the instructor’s permission.

Rate of progress varies with the individual.
Amount of practice and quality of practice are paramount.
This ancient system (our lineage)
is well tested and proven by western science.

It will work for you if you give it a patient chance.

There are no belts or badges in traditional Tai Chi.
Belt systems are military systems with a few generals and many privates.
Only a very few make it to the top of that competitive heap.

Traditionally, Tai Chi is a family system
in which all are considered to be trying their best
while trying also to support others rather than compete with them.
Rising water lifts all ships.

There are Tai Chi tournaments now
which are based on external appearance
(like ice skating or diving in the Olympics).
Physical prowess is their emphasis
and only one person is designated the winner.

Tai Chi is an internal practice. The external appearance
and physical prowess of the player are not of first importance.

The physical postures and movements are the alphabet,
at the kindergarten level and meant to be only the beginning.

The Tai Chi Classics, the written wisdom passed down for many generations,
tells us that “the heart/mind leads the energy and the energy leads the body.”
For learning purposes, one begins with physical awareness
by learning the physical shapes and movements.
Some choose to stop at that beginning level
and, thus, fail to achieve what makes Tai Chi special.

The internal play of mind and energy
that awaits the patient, persevering student
is the essential element in why Tai Chi is special.
Again, from the Tai Chi Classics:
“Tai Chi hinges entirely upon the player’s consciousness
rather than upon external, physical force.”

There are three important factors
in using Tai Chi for meaningful change:
Class work; home practice and daily life practice.

All are dependent upon correct practice,
i.e., practice with the Tai Chi principles.
These take time to learn and to incorporate into daily life.
The well proven rewards of patient practice await all who invest wisely.                                              703-759-9141


Photo: Sunset, Gulf of California.
Photo by Warren D. Conner, copyright, 2017, all rights reserved.