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Tuition, General Information & Waiver

Spring-Summer  2020

Twelve week term, one class a week, one student

Beginner           $299,   $329 late

Intermediate    $299,   $329 late

Terms and Conditions

All Students Must Read
All The Information On This Page

By Registering, Students Agree
To The Following Terms, Conditions and Waiver

Tai Chi is generally considered to be gentle and safe.
Check first with your physician if you have any concerns. And/or call us.

Tai Chi is an art and not meant to be competitive
nor is the main emphasis on physical prowess.
“Content is more important than penmanship.”

Decide Carefully. You are making a commitment to yourself
and to your own health and well being as well as to the twelve classes.
We offer you an opportunity. How you use it is up to you.
Attending classes, practicing at home
and patience and perseverance are minimum requirements. 

All tuition is due in advance and paid online.

Classes are offered by 12 week term only.

Registrations are not transferable, in whole or part.

Prompt registration is suggested as class sizes are limited.

Those registering too late for an already filled class will be notified
and put on the waiting list and offered another class location, if possible. 

Late fee begins after April 22, 2020.

No refunds after April 22, 2020.

Refunds must be requested in writing/email
by no later than January 15, 2020, and will incur a 25% admin. fee.

Registrations other than online will incur a $50 handling fee.

It is strongly suggested that all students read the information
on the various pages of this web site before coming to class.

Please arrive at least ten minutes early for every class.

No Cameras or Recorders
No cameras or recorders of any kind are allowed in class.

Make-up ClassesIf you miss your regular class for any reason,
you are encouraged to attend a make-up class
at one of the same level classes at one of our other locations.
Make up classes are automatic, i.e., you don’t need advance permission to attend one.
Make-ups must be taken in the term in which they are incurred.
Even if you cannot attend a make-up, do not be discouraged as there is a lot of repetition and review at each class.

Any loose, comfortable clothing and footwear are fine.

Textbook    The textbook is recommended, but not mandatory for beginners.

“Tai Chi, the Supreme Ultimate” by Cheng Man-ch’ing and Robert W. Smith.

(For additional book suggestions, click here.)

Like a FREE introduction?
Our free, Saturday morning
introduction and beginners’ practice
is open to all.

Levels of Classes 

Beginner class is open to all.

Intermediate class is open to those who have memorized the Beginner’s form.

Refinements class is for those who have memorized the whole form,
manifested an understanding of the Tai Chi principles,
demonstrated a firm commitment to their practice and have the instructor’s permission.

T’ui Shou (push hands, aka sensing hands and more accurately called sensing centers)
is for those who are concurrently enrolled in Refinements and have the instructor’s permission.

Inclement Weather

If weather forces cancellation of a class or practice,
a cancellation notice will be posted on the home page of this site
at least an hour or two before class time,
so please check before leaving to come to class.
We do not necessarily follow the public school or government closing schedules.

If you cannot access the site, please call the office if you have a question.

Any cancelled classes will be made up by adding a class on at the end of the term.

No Holidays
We do not cancel classes (or the Saturday practices) for holidays, neither federal nor otherwise.
Classes meet as scheduled with the exception of inclement weather.

Individual classes will be charged at the rate of $35 each.

Waiver: By registering for these classes, you hereby agree to release and hold harmless The T’ai Chi Ch’uan Study Center, Ltd., the instructors and the class location from any liability for any injury or harm that might result from your attendance and/or participation.

Register Now for Spring-Summer 2020.                                                   703-759-9141

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