Suggestions for Home Play/Practice


Here are a few suggestions
for your home play/practice.

Check here occasionally for updates.


With no regular classes, be sure to apply
the Tai Chi principles in your daily life.

For example, whenever you hear or read the word “virus”,
immediately relax your neck, shoulders, chest and abdomen,
and take at least three, slow and deep breaths.
These are stressful times, to say the least.
It is important to defend yourself
against damaging stress hormones,
(such as cortisol and adrenaline)
via the deep breathing which engages
your parasympathetic (rest and restore) nervous system.
You can help yourself by taking control via deep breathing.
For more on stress, please see
and check out this information about the vagus nerve.

Choose several other cues that work for you
as reminders to breathe deeply and to apply the principles.

Separate the Weight, i.e., One Legged Work:
Time yourself as you do Play Guitar
on both sides while separating completely.
Start with, say, 30 seconds and gradually add more time.

In order to exercise your legs and core,
try not to use your arms when getting up from a chair or sofa.


Practice with a book on your head.


Practice with a mouthful of water and observe your breathing.


Review pages of this website
and specifically study “Resources” and read “Essays”.





Photo above: Bluebird nest and eggs

copyright 2020; W.D. Conner