Help Others



Our Tai Chi community is well known for being caring and giving
and I know many are already giving much in myriad ways.

Now, more than ever, some of our neighbors need food.
“Martha’s Table” has been a local, well rated,
non-profit, food and education resource since 1980.

(Having donated $500, if any other donations
add up to $500, I will match those with an additional $500.

Wow! We met the match amount very quickly. Thanks!)

If someone donates $200,
they may pick up a Beginners’ Footwork Tai Chi Poster,
by appointment, at the Turtle Den Dojo.

If someone donates $500,
I will offer them a poster and a 30 minute private lesson,
which will be held here, outdoors, at the Dojo Jade Pavilion
or we could use Zoom.

Please donate now.
Donations, anonymous and otherwise,
made be easily made
and will show up at this special website:

To those who have already donated, thank you.

Those who wish to arrange pickup of your poster

and/or to schedule your lesson, please call me.                                  703-759-9141


Above:   Magnolia blossom close up.     May, 2020.     photo by W.D. Conner