Welcome the Wobbles

Wobbles are inexorable.

There is no such thing as perfect balance in every Tai Chi movement. Everyone wobbles sometimes at least a little bit.

Although we strive for better balance, the Tai Chi form is designed to be challenging for this is how progress is made.

Trying to meet the high standards of physical balance (and energy awareness and mental concentration) will result in inevitable wobbles which in turn will provide valuable benefits and opportunities.

One obvious, positive aspect of wobbling while standing on one leg is the building of leg strength.

Seeking one legged balance causes the leg muscles to work and working those muscles is the only way they will get stronger. If you desire strong legs later, you must build them now.

A wobble also helps us to focus the mind while offering a chance to double check ourselves with the Tai Chi principles.

Some students choose to seek only the smooth and easy path. They do not sink down nor do they separate their weight in the legs completely, perhaps because they are trying to be comfortable. That’s okay if they understand that they are cheating themselves out of some of the major benefits of Tai Chi.

Most will choose to do their best as they relax and enjoy the wobbles.

Release the idea of perfection.
The Tai Chi form is designed to be impossible to do perfectly.
While we work towards better balance,
much of the training consists of dealing with wobbles.

The more one practices, the more one develops awareness.
This continually increasing awareness reveals more things which need work.
It’s never ending, thankfully. And it contains joy.

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Photo by Warren D. Conner, copyright, 2019, all rights reserved.