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Threes, Beginners

Beginner’s Threes


Beginner’s Tasks

 Physical, Learn Shoulder Width Stance

 Energy, Feel Hands

 Mental, Memorize First Three TC Principles


First Three Tai Chi Principles

  Relax and Sink

  Suspend Spine Upright and Open

  Center Leads







Check From Ground Up 





Well Rounded

  Class Work 

  Home Practice 

  Principles in Daily Life


Center Leads

  Side to Side, e.g., the Bear

  Forward and Backward, e.g., Press to Push

  Both at Same Time, e.g., Going into Left Ward-Off  


Weight Shifts

  Going Rearward or Sideways, Always go to 100%

  Going Forward, Always go to 70%

  Going Forward, Always go to 70%, sometimes followed by 100%



 Forward steps: Heel first

 Rearward steps: Toe first

 Sideways steps: Sole flat


Centering Inwardly

  Waist Leads, Physical, Right Neighborhood

  Belly Breathing, Energetic, Correct Street

  Heart-Mind / Qi in Tan Tien, Home Driveway


Hands, Energy Awareness

 Warmth, Tingle

 Finger with Extra

 Heart of Palm


Posture #2: “Beginning”

  Physical, Hands Float Up through Water

  Energetic, Time Movement with Breathe

  Mental, Feel Hands Change with Wrists’ Changes


Beginner’s Set Emphasis

  Postures 0 – 7, Shoulder width

  Postures 7 – 14, Getaway Room

  Postures 14 – 17, Closing Set 



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