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Tai Chi Advantages

Tai Chi Advantages

Tai Chi is one of the world’s most widely practiced 

fun, fitness and stress reducing activities because

it is extremely well tested and proven effective in improving

health, balance, respiration, circulation, arthritis, etc. and in relieving stress.

It also is captivating, fun and refreshing from the very first.


Available to a wide range of ages and conditions, 

i.e, not just to the young and athletic, the emphasis is

on gentleness, injury avoidance and non-competitiveness.

This art teaches physical movement, balance, 

energy awareness, mental concentration and harmony with nature.


Requiring no special equipment, clothing or space, 

it is convenient to practice 

at almost any time and place, inside or out, alone or with a group.

With a little patience it is easy to learn, but it is difficult to master 

and, therefore, it provides an enjoyable challenge for a lifetime.


Tai Chi is interesting and, in fact, intriguing because it comes from 

the rich legacy of Chinese medicine, meditation and martial arts.


Elegant in appearance, dignified in nature, 

it helps each individual rediscover the innate gracefulness of moving 

and being in harmony with the laws and rhythms of the universe.


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