Slow but sure…

Your Tai Chi practice
builds your immune system,
ameliorates stress and improves balance,
all in a gentle, fun and fascinating format.


Tai Chi Classes

in the Washington, DC area since 1975

Our current term
of online classes is now underway

Our next, new term of classes
begins January 10, 2021,
with a similar schedule

Registration opens soon


Helping Others Page


Suggestions for Home Play/Practice

What does Science say
about the benefits of Tai Chi?
Here are three examples out of many.

Harvard Health 


National Institutes of Health;
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health


Mayo Clinic

(Even though, alas, they do not use
the correct pronunciation of Tai Chi, i.e., “Tie Jee”.)


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Photo: Mudflap, male Eastern Box Turtle, about 55 years old.
Box turtles are so named because they are the only turtle
able to enclose itself completely for protection.
Photo by Warren D. Conner, copyright, 2020, all rights reserved.