Why Tai Chi ?

Why Tai Chi?

All of us love to learn, to explore and to express.

Tai Chi provides a well-tested and proven method
to do all these while promoting wholeness and wellness.

Thus, in the short run, folks play Tai Chi
because it is fun, intriguing and enjoyable.

In the long run, first priority is health.
Without it, you can do little or nothing. 

Health’s first priority is breathing.
Without it, you have only a minute or two.

Priorities for breathing
are for it to be slow, quiet and observed.

The chief technique of Tai Chi
is to nurture the heart/mind and the breath
together in the tan t’ien (energy field, center).

Tai Chi provides a well-tested, beneficial and fun practice,
a way of increasing our understanding
of the world around us and within us
and a proven mechanism for meaningful change.

Combining exploration and expression,
Tai Chi literally embodies
the spirit and joy of life
while providing enhanced awareness
of the laws and rhythms of our universe.

The heart of Tai Chi is harmony.
Harmony with nature is your birthright.

Now is the time. Tai Chi is the way.

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Photo: Sunrise at the northern tip of the Gulf of California.
Photo by Warren D. Conner, copyright, all rights reserved.