Current Instuctors at the Tai Chi Study Center

Chris Paul
teaches the beginner and intermediate classes
on early Sunday afternoons in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Chris Paul has been studying T’ai Chi Ch’uan for over seventeen years.
He serves as President of FRC Marketing, a merchandising company
founded in 1993 and based in McLean, Virginia.
Chris is married to Jihui Kim,
and together they have four children and a cocker spaniel named Loci.
He spends his free time fly-fishing, hiking, boating, relaxing and doing t’ai chi
in the beautiful mountains around Deep Creek Lake, in Garrett County, Western Maryland.


Warren Conner
(Head Instructor)

Warren teaches the beginner and intermediate classes
on Sunday afternoons in Great Falls
and on Monday evenings in Arlington,
as well as the refinements/tui shou classes. He has taught Tai Chi since 1975.




Photo of Mr. Conner by C. Parkinson. All rights reserved.



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